Performance Coatings

Not only does paint enhance aesthetic value, but it also provides a protective layer for the metal underneath.

“a good intact paint finish is the most effective barrier between the metal surfaces and corrosive media.” FAA Advisory Circular 65-9A

Custom Paint Process

Arizona Aircraft Painting maintains the highest standards in both their workmanship and materials. This dedication enables us to provide you with an end result that both maximizes durability and minimizes corrosion.

Arizona Aircraft Painting’s professional aircraft painting team is made up of certified specialists with a reputation for great customer care, attention to detail and superior results.

Our All-Inclusive aircraft painting process involves:

  • Elimination of any existing paint or corrosion
  • Application of:
    • Corrosion Protection
    • Primer
    • Base coat
    • akzonobel logoDesign Elements
    • Clear Coat

Arizona Aircraft proudly uses:

  • AkzoNoble Aviation Finishes and 3M products
  • DuPont Imron Aviation Finishes-approved aircraft finishing systems

NOTE: Other paint finishes are available upon customer’s request.

  1. Experienced managers inspect and evaluate your aircraft upon arrival at our facility.
  2. Using your input and our design center, a paint scheme and project plan for your aircraft’s refurbishment is created.
  3. Your aircraft is thoroughly washed and cleaned in a designated wash down area.
  4. We then remove:
    • Control surfaces
    • Inspection panels
    • Fairings
    • Moldings

Which are cleaned and painted separately. Once painting is completed, we reassemble your aircraft using new stainless steel screws. Stainless steel screws not only eliminate opportunity for corrosion when covers are removed, but provide a pleasing, like-new look to your aircraft.

  1. To guarantee complete protection, 3M heavy grade aluminum foil tape is used to protect all:
    • Windows, Glass
    • Plastic, Fiberglass, Composite
    • Boots
    • Antennas
    • All openings into aircraft
  2. All paint and corrosion is removed from your aircraft using paint stripper. This process prevents corrosion on all aluminum parts. Arizona Aircraft Painting is also EPA compliant.
  3. Your aircraft is then cleaned, at which time all remaining stripper is removed using a high-pressure, high-temperature wash. Additional steps are taken to remove paint and corrosion from the following parts:
    • Rivet Lines
    • Seams
    • All Edges
  4. Airframe inspection is performed by A&P and IA mechanics for corrosion or underlying damage to aircraft and a report is issued upon completion of the job.
  5. ‘Acid Etch’ process uses an aluminum cleaner to guarantee that all residue has been removed. These additional steps clean, brighten and condition aluminum to prepare for the aluminum conversion coating (Alodine).
  1. Epoxy Pre-Treatment (aluminum conversion coating) of aluminum for corrosion control. This provides adhesion and corrosion control for aluminum, aluminum alloy, and metal substrates. This important step also ensures a chemical bond between the aluminum surface and primer.
  2. Primer is used to provide excellent corrosion resistance, adhesion and Skydrol resistance for Aviation applications. In some applications, a filler primer may be recommended as well.
  3. All fiberglass, composite and plastic parts are either refurbished, or, if needed, replaced.
  4. Aviation Finishes are applied as a final finish. This is a Skydrol resistant coating designed to deliver excellent appearance, durability, and unparalleled color. To provide the best adhesion and durability, Arizona Aircraft Painting does not accelerate the finish coat on your aircraft.
  5. Your color stripes are applied by highly skilled technicians using a special technique.
  6. For best results, our computers create your N# masks and registration numbers are painted on aircraft.
  7. Factory-designated equipment and specifications are used to balance all control surfaces.
  8. Our licensed technicians will:
    • Inspect your aircraft, and
    • Make logbook entries
  9. We install all exterior placards.
  10. When all work is finished, your aircraft will be quality-inspected. We will verify your aircraft is airworthy and ready to be returned to service.